Treasure 9 – #digital, #automation, #value

This week I drove some miles, so had time to hear some nice podcasts. My nugget #1 is a cast from Bastian Wilkat’s podcast „Der Flaneur“ (Flaneur is somebody who strolls). Episode 28 is about digital introvertness and how to become more digitally extrovert. I became more digital extrovert over the past few months and it has proven some clear benefits for me. So I can fully subscribe to this cast:
e28-digitale-introvertiertheit-mit-frank-eilers (1 hour, audio, German)

Nugget #2 is fresh from the press. Alexander Gerber, who I know from !me, talks about machines versus people and process versus purpose. I’m a big believer in automation, who will free us up for creativity and innovation. Resonates with me. How about you?
Investing in machines (10 mins, text, English)

Nugget #3 is from the famous Seth Godin. It is a blog post just full of questions. How cool is that? And it created value for me, which is the whole topic of the post:
A value creation checklist (5 mins, text, English)

Which of the nuggets creates value for you? Let me know in the comments or via social media. Happy weekend!