Treasure 14 – Innovation, community, happiness

My favorite nugget this week is from Alex Osterwalder. His article illustrates how corporates kill innovation and what to do about it. Innovation is on my heart right now, and the article is a great inspiration to further improve innovation in my company:
11 Corporate Habits That Kill Your Company’s Innovation Engine (5 mins, text, English)

Nugget #2 is a quick read provided by Lisette Sutherland, who I featured already earlier. She tells a nice story about one of her hiking trips and derives five activities to develop a community. Very relevant for some of my actual projects:

Nugget #3 is authored by Markus Starklauf. I know Markus from my childhood and he works as a coach and therapist. He wrote an awesome article about how to find YOUR happiness. Burnout is still a challenge in many companies and Markus provides actionable ideas how YOU prevent it. Unfortunately in German only, but a nice long thought-provoking read:
Where do I find my happiness (10 mins, text, German)

That’s it for this week. Have a nice weekend at the Octoberfest or any other fun activity!

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