Treasure 15 – education, innovation, digital transformation

Nugget #1 for this week is on education. Thomas Bachem, a LinkedIn influencer, elaborates why schools should get rid of grades. I agree with him that grades measure only how well you can repeat knowledge. We need schools who teach our kids creativity and courage. A quick read that invites for further discussion:
Why we should get rid of grades (2min, Text, German)

Nugget #2 is an insight into the startup accelerator from medical company B. Braun, shared by buildnbreak. I always have mixed emotions about accelerators in traditional companies. In too many cases companies create a parallel universe, where innovations either are not solving customer problems or good innovations get stuck when they are transferred back into the regular business units. Not sure how well B.Braun solves this, but I like the transparency and the customer first attitude of Werk 39:
Werk 39 startup accelerator (5min, Text, German)

Nugget #3 is about digital transformation and also touches remote work. Sven Astheimer’s article in German newspaper FAZ elaborates on the impact of digital transformation on work. He very well describes the mindset, that managers need. They need to become digital leaders:
When engineers create concepts in the bathtub (5min, Text, German)

Hope my international readers are served well by their favorite translation engine. Have a great weekend ahead. I’ll spend my weekend in St. Johann/Tirol in Austria. So not sure if I have the time for a post next Monday. Stay tuned!

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