Treasure 20 – Remote work, change, innovation

I spotted nugget #1 at #dreiCday. It’s a video from Microsoft, which shows their vision of the digital workplace (if you can still call it a workplace). They show a digital nomad lifestyle, remote co-working and a high-end vision of digital collaboration. Pretty impressive! (7 mins, English, video)

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Nugget #2 comes from Claudia Mayer. Her article is about corporate change. I see similar patterns where grassroots efforts are more effective than top-down programs. If you need more inspiration about change, feel free to check out one of my earlier articles on this blog too.
How to make an elephant dance? (5 mins, English, text)

Nugget #3 talks about digital transformation and innovation. Gunnar Sohn elaborates on the effects of digital transformation and automation. The article links to some interesting research on this topic, so if you got more time check them out too. But Gunnar’s main point is on innovation and entrepreneurship. He doesn’t see that companies use the gained efficiency on innovating across all functions. Most of the companies just build some isolated labs and startup garages, but the majority of the organization is just busy with increasing efficiency and reducing overhead.
Wenn in Unternehmen nur noch Effizienz ausgeschwitzt wird (5 mins, German, text)

Enjoy your weekend! In Germany you have one hour more due to daylight saving 😉