Treasure 22 – Remote work and next economy

Nugget #1 is on remote working and collaboration. It is a TED talk by Nicholas Bloom. I like his assessment, that remote working can have a similar impact as autonomous cars.
It fits quite nicely with the benefits I’ve described in What has remote working to do with ski touring?. Nicholas and his team also measured performance going up by remote work. Performance measurement is tricky to do, so not sure how much you can trust the number. I assume they measured customer support metrics. What is impressive is 2000 more profit per employee. My company with 31k employees would increase profit by 62M, which is 1% YoY. But I guess a significant came from save of office space and this would mean not everybody has his own office anymore. (14 mins, video, English)

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Nugget #2 comes from Christoph Schlachte. On his blog about leadership and collaboration he publishes some very thoughtful articles. He formulates the provocative thesis that focusing on customers is wrong. He claims that many companies do it just for selfish reasons, to sell some more stuff you wouldn’t really need. This has negative impact on society and environment. He closes by some interesting references to common good economy and gives a prominent example for a company who lives this: Patagonia. (8 mins, text, German)
Den Kunden in den Mittelpunkt stellen, ist falsch.

Nugget #3 is authored by Tom Dahlstroem and claims that employer branding often puts lipstick on a pig. True happiness in work can only be achieved by creating value for customers. If your value creation sucks, activities like unlimited vacation and other benefits just mask it. So better fix the rootcause! (5 mins, text, English)

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