Treasure 23 – Change, Marketing, Performance

Nugget #1 this week is a double feature and comes from They published two great articles on change earlier this year. German car manufacturer Audi decided to translate it and provided an English audio recording. So a great opportunity for my English speaking readers to learn why classical change management falls short and how to do it more successfully. By the way, I also wrote some posts for the associated blog parade, e.g. Change – Every 24 seconds?. (30 mins each, audio, English)
Change Management: How to successfully change a company
Organisational development: How to irritate organisations effectively

Nugget #2 is about inbound marketing and the sales funnel. The article from Chimpify introduces the sales funnel, but also shows some alternatives and why the process is not as linear as the model suggests. You also learn the benefits and how to create a sales funnel. We discussed the sales funnel in a workshop last week, so I found the article a great continuative resource. (9 mins, text, German)
Der Sales Funnel: Wirklich alles, was du darüber wissen musst

Nugget #3 is a quick read. Many of you might have year-end performance reviews in the next four weeks. Förster & Kreuz, German speakers and authors, suggest a different way of discussion based on the example of Cirque du Soleil. First of all these discussions should be completely voluntary. In order to have a starting point and guidance, they also offer five simple and powerful questions. (4 mins, text, German)

Have a great weekend! I’ll be in Berlin at a Wevent. Stay tuned for a report!