Treasure 24 – Blogging out loud

In my post Alexa, how do I lead my team? earlier this week I mentioned the start of our !me blogging community, called blogging out loud. In this week’s treasure I want to feature the blogs of three members. Bad news for my English readers, all are written in German. Where’s bad news there’s also good news. I got a special nugget for you:
DeepL translator
It is from a startup based in Cologne and several sources claim, that this AI based translator outperforms the well known translators like Google.

Nugget #1 this week comes from Bianka Groenewolt. She founded a makerspace in Augsburg and her blog is about the future of work. Bianka promotes self-determined work and advocates flexible works style and entrepreneurship. The featured article shows some beliefs about work, that many of us learned while we grew up, and how we can invalidate them:
Different perspective on work
 (7 mins, text, German)

Nugget #2 is from Johanna Bruehl. Her blog is about change in companies and society. The featured article is a quick read and shows an overview of generations from baby boomers to Generation Y. While I don’t like stereotypes it is a nice overview over the shift of mindsets and values, a link to a resource to reflect on your own values and how to deal with these values and mindsets:
Overview of generations (2 mins, text, German)

Nugget #3 has a political focus, but there’s a link to business and society as well. Juergen Baumgaertner blogs on He want’s to make an impact in a complex era of change and be a speaking tube of generation Y. My favorite article is not on his blog, but on medium. It is about the current political situation in Germany and why we need a different approach to politics:
Confessions from the capital city (6 mins, text, German)

Enjoy these hidden champions and if you like them, please follow and share their blogs and articles. If you want to join the blogging out loud community, send me a note via my social media channels or email. Have a nice weekend!