Treasure 31 – Company rebuilding, Management

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The treasure this week is largely about company rebuilding. I guess this is what company pirates are up for!?

Nugget #1 is a long read from Marc Wagner. He starts with the question, why corporates or traditional companies are loosing against startups. Other than in the past, big isn’t necessarily beautiful anymore. Focus on efficiency and bureaucratic organizations have led to a huge loss in agility. But these companies still have advantages over startups, e.g. resources and partners. Marc outlines seven steps to regain agility. Starting from a nucleus and a clear vision, a high-performing team develops and establishes a DNA. Once the team grows in size, you’ll see company rebuilding and cell division. There’s clear focus on customers and a close feedback loop to the market, while the DNA still exists. The article also points to some good examples as well as further reading in case you are hungry for more.
Die Erschütterung der alten Macht: Erneuerung durch Company Rebuilding? (10 mins, text, German)

Nugget #2 is a follow-up on Marc’s article. Gunnar Sohn interviews Marc on the article in nugget #1. They start with an inventory of the German corporate landscape and why removing ties and opening innovation labs doesn’t lead to success. Gunnar and Marc talk quite a bit about organisations, e.g. how diversity in boards can lead to better results. One of my favorite quotes: „Companies hire expensive professionals who generate tons of powerpoint, but reduce costs in value creation“. Later you’ll hear some additional perspectives from attendees of the Facebook Live session, e.g. about education and how we can enable the next generations for the changes ahead. (1 h 14 mins, video, German)

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So what do these changes mean for management? Lynda Gratton elaborates about this question in nugget #3. A while ago she made four predictions about the future of management. We can quickly observe them becoming true. Machines and algorithms are reducing the need to coordinate work. Managers are not superiors anymore, who have the best knowledge how to execute work and what the right direction is. So where can manager’s provide value? What are the challenges that need to be solved? Leading virtual teams, leading heterogeneous organizations (different generations, cultures), and enabling a quick flow of knowledge and information across the organization; horizontal and not vertical.
Rethinking the Manager’s Role (10 mins, text, English)

Did nugget #3 make you curious, how to make virtual teams successful and bring collaboration to the next level? Check out my blog series about remote working.

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