Treasure 99 – Digital, Competition, Drama-Triangle

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What is happening in Munich on the subject of digital? Is competition a result generator? What is the drama triangle? A text-heavy but no less interesting treasure creates new perspectives. Digitalization is on everyone’s lips and also in past treasure it was often a topic. For everybody interested in practice instead of theory, Google published 25 stories from the state capital of Bavaria and made it as Nugget #1 into… Read More »Treasure 99 – Digital, Competition, Drama-Triangle

Treasure 97 – Digitalization & Courage

How far apart is the engineering world and the digital world? How do you solve the shock of digitalization? What costs causes lack of courage? A treasure chest for reflection, developing ideas and controversial discussions. Nugget # 1 is an article on digitalization by AndrĂ© M. Bajorat. Oh no, not again about digitalization, you’ll think. Do not worry, the article is not the usual bullshit bingo, but offers many impulses… Read More »Treasure 97 – Digitalization & Courage

Treasure 90 – KLIP, WIP, Digital

How to measure learning progress? What can a company learn from a dentist? How does Porsche approach digitalization? I have learned a lot with treasure 90. I have already written about KPIs and their negative sides in treasure 87. Lars Richter shows another dark side in Nugget #1. It can demotivate when learning. Fortunately he offers an alternative – KLIPs. They measure progress in learning. This can definitely motivate. For… Read More »Treasure 90 – KLIP, WIP, Digital

Treasure 89 – Phygital, Amazon, Perfectionism

What is phygital? What can we learn from Amazon and where can we even do better? How can perfectionism be compensated? Inspiration for ears and eyes can be found in Treasure 89. Nugget #1 is the current episode of the ada Podcast about Phygital. This is not a new disease but the combination of physical and digital. Astrid Maier and Sven Prange catch me with a sport analogy. I try… Read More »Treasure 89 – Phygital, Amazon, Perfectionism