Treasure 118 – Remote work

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What are the basics for successful home office? How do I communicate at remote work? How do I get my remote team in rhythm? Since the topic of home office and remote work is hot these days, I dug up a few nuggets on the topic. Also here on the blog there is a large pool of nuggets and own articles. No matter if you defy Corona in the office or at home. Hopefully you are prepared for the next days and weeks.

Treasure 109 – A better world with scarce resources

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How can companies contribute to a better world? Why are scarce resources an advantage? How do you build a remote business? Treasure 109 is all about scarce resources. But we should not bury our heads in the sand in view of the various crises. The three nuggets inspire us to break new ground and make something out of it.

Treasure 75 – Best of CompanyPirate

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Hello! It’s hard to believe, but in 10 days the year 2018 will end. For me it was an extremely exciting year with a lot of personal change. Treasure 75 will be my last post for this year. That’s why I decided to do a Best of Companypirate. I put my three favorite articles from 2018 into the box and hope you like this little review. Maybe you missed the… Read More »Treasure 75 – Best of CompanyPirate