Treasure 58 – Pattern breaker, Development, Remote work

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Dear treasure readers, this week the time between the treasures flew by. Treasure #57 wasn’t until Sunday morning. I hope the podcasts were entertaining, because this week I have something for your ears again. In addition, there is finally an English article again. Nugget #1 is about courage and experimentation. I took part in the blog parade of corporate rebels some time ago and there was a very controversial discussion… Read More »Treasure 58 – Pattern breaker, Development, Remote work

Treasure 52 – Training, Agility, Relaxation

Dear readers, The football world cup is currently still underway in Russia. Even though I’m more into basketball, I’ve watched a game or two and admired great team performances. Today’s treasure is therefore mainly about sport. And since summer holidays are on in Germany and many other countries, I have also put a very special nugget in the box. In Nugget 1, which are actually two nuggets, Dr. Andreas Zeuch and Dr.… Read More »Treasure 52 – Training, Agility, Relaxation

Treasure 50 – Innovation and remote work

Welcome back dear friends of CompanyPirate. This is my 50th treasure and an anniversary edition, so to speak. To celebrate the day and as a thank you for your loyalty, this time I’m offering a double dose of nuggets on my core themes of innovation and remote work. Conny Dethloff, who was last represented in Schatzkiste 43, excavated one of his older articles on innovation this week. I like Conny’s… Read More »Treasure 50 – Innovation and remote work

Treasure 49 – Remote teams, Lean Startup, #NewPay

Who doesn’t know them? Department meetings, townhalls or all-hands are meetings that take place at longer intervals (e.g. quarterly) to give an update to an entire department or even a company. In Nugget #1 the people of give a summary of what they have learned. My company also has remote department meetings, as we have several locations worldwide. This works quite well thanks to the video of the speakers… Read More »Treasure 49 – Remote teams, Lean Startup, #NewPay