Treasure #1 – All about change & finding ideas

Here we go with my first treasure. If you don’t know what the category treasure means, you can find an explanation in the post New categories and publishing cadence.

Since change had been the topic on this blog for the past 3 weeks, the first item is a collection of blog posts about change. Many of them are in German, but you’ll also find a few in English (search the page for „Englisch“). My favorite article is from Jana Bruechmann titled Explain your job to you your kids. I like it because she speaks about corporate environments (which I’m in), explaining something to kids worked for me and she has a good collection of actionable items.
A ton of material for your weekend reading list!

The second nugget is from Lars Vollmer: What have arm floats to do with change? Unfortunately only in German, so here’s a quick summary. He starts with a story about fixing a machine and how different this works in a private and corporate environment. With this story he explains why „get employees on board“ is nonsense. People have an intrinsic desire to get on board. If they don’t, you better ask for the reasons why. No distribution of arm floats needed!
Sounds interesting, but your German skills are not good enough for this article? Let me know for help.

The third nugget is about finding ideas.  A peer shared the wonderful TED talk from OK GO with me: How to find a wonderful idea
Worth watching for several reasons: Presentation style, music and their approach to innovation. Not sure if it is worth spending 15 minutes? Watch the first 15 seconds of this video

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