New categories and publishing cadence

In my last post I indicated to change my categories. The basketball categories didn’t work for me and I assume readers didn’t get it either.

The goals of my blog are still the same. I want to:

  1. Share learnings/experiences/ideas on business topics and get your feedback.
  2. Collect and comment interesting publications on the web
  3. From time to time share my travel experiences or interesting events

In addition I want to establish a regular rhythm of publications – the heartbeat of my blog. You’ll hear more about heartbeat in a future post, so stay tuned for this!

So here are the new categories with their publication cadence:


Compass is inspired by Jack Sparrow’s magic compass, which points to whatever the holder wants most. This category will contain learnings/experiences/ideas. It will be published every Monday noon, so they serve as inspiration for you to experiment throughout the week. And don’t forget to leave feedback!


Treasure is my personal collection of nuggets. It contains interesting publications on the web. It is published every Friday noon, so you can take some „nuggets“ to your weekend reading/watch list.


Places is the category where I share travel experiences or interesting events. This is the only category that doesn’t have a regular rhythm.

I asked myself, what is the right time of the day for these posts. Since I have readers from all over the world, I guess there’s no perfect timing. I’ll publish posts in the morning. EMEA readers get them right for breakfast, Asian readers can consume after lunch or on their commute back home and my readers in America can read this before they go to bed or later for breakfast.

The categories and cadence will help me to get into a better writing rhythm and be more intentional about my publications. I’m curious about your feedback, so don’t forget to leave me a comment!