My 2018 goals – start, stop, continue

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After my first reflection in my last post Practice makes perfect, it is time to make 2018 goals for my blog project. I’m using my favorite retrospective format: Start, Stop, Continue to derive goals for next year. Let’s start with Continue first. Continue First things first: I definitely want to continue this blog project. It is helpful for me. There are enough people who value my posts. Also I learned… Weiterlesen »My 2018 goals – start, stop, continue

Practice makes perfect

In Germany we have a saying „Übung macht den Meister“, which roughly translates to practice makes perfect. I’m still far from perfect in blogging, but after about nine months I can see a training effect. With 2017 ending I want to take the opportunity to reflect on my progress and share my learnings. Train your writing muscles I never liked writing and thought my writing is awful. In first quarter… Weiterlesen »Practice makes perfect

Country Road

Big goals or small goals? The journey is the reward!

My schoolmate Daniel Wunderer recently invited me to participate in a Blog parade on goals. Olaf Kapinski started the blog parade in his live and lead podcast. The question he asked was: „Big goals or small goals?“ My spontaneous answer was „Neither of them. The journey is the reward!“. After thinking more through it, I think both have their benefits and combine very well. I’ll use a road trip or journey… Weiterlesen »Big goals or small goals? The journey is the reward!

My blog name and categories

Hi there, day 14 of the blogging university arrived and I refined my blog a bit. First of all I added a little logo to my site. It’s sketch of my favorite basketball arena. And this triggered a slight renaming of my blog, too. Finally I came up with four categories that I will feature moving forward. All have basketball analogies. Here they are: Fastbreak – Quick shots, short thoughts. This… Weiterlesen »My blog name and categories