Treasure 11 – Education, Agile, People management

My favorite nugget this week comes from Dr. Christoph Schmitt. He wrote an epic post about the future of education. Schmitt formulates 9 theses how kids and students will learn in the digital future. Looking at the comments there’s a big opposition and only a few supporters. I can’t wait to see this future happen! Bildung in der digitalen Zukunft: Jetzt wird’s ganz konkret! (5 mins, text, German) Nugget #2 comes from Tom… Weiterlesen »Treasure 11 – Education, Agile, People management


Feedback – the oil for your remote engine

Now that you have defined your purple space, the heartbeat is stabilizing, you have communication channels in place and you are aware of „secret rules“, the remote engine is running. In order to perform well and run flawless, it regularly needs some oil – Feedback. As you learned last week, a remote team most often consists of different cultures and each individual has a different way to get work done.… Weiterlesen »Feedback – the oil for your remote engine