From arenas to pirates…

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I wasn’t happy with the design and title of my blog. The title „New work arena“ was very vague. And it didn’t describe me very well. Last week I spent a week at a beautiful beach in Croatia and read a book about startups. It contained a famous quote: „It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy.“ – Steve Jobs This reminded me about my personal case… Weiterlesen »From arenas to pirates…

Do I see you at #dreiCday?

Hi readers, here’s a super quick post on an event I would like to share with you: Christoph Thomas who organizes the event had a quick interview with me (in German), where you can learn more about my motivation to join: Aktivieren Sie JavaScript um das Video zu sehen.Video-Link: Do I see you at #dreiCday?

Pass #3 – Does change need a vision?

Seems Hans-Martin and me establish a passing game on change. Here’s his response on my post  Latency of change – What are your leading indicators?: I agree, leading indicators are the ‚way to go‘, from a metrics perspective! From the behavioral side, sharing an inspiring vision seems equally important. How does this resonate with the basketball team analogy? I’m sure there is more to a basket ball team than ‚just the motivation… Weiterlesen »Pass #3 – Does change need a vision?

Latency of change – What are your leading indicators?

On Sunday I published my post on change.  My former manager Hans-Martin took the ball and passed it back to me on LinkedIn: Now, the big difference between the basket ball game and the business world is latency. Imagine, the score on the basketball scoreboard would show the result of last year’s match, not the current one the team is in? Imagine, all lights get turned off at the moment… Weiterlesen »Latency of change – What are your leading indicators?