Change – Every 24 seconds?

This week Mark Poppenborg published his second blog post about change. The first part of this series talked about misconceptions of change. The second article introduces some tools to irritate organisations. The articles are in German only and not sure how well they read when automatically translated. Let me know if they sparked your interest and I can help you with a summary. I’m sitting here at the Frankfurt airport, waiting for my flight to Dallas and… Weiterlesen »Change – Every 24 seconds?

Watchado – What makes you happy?

I came across watchado last week. Werner from Mutbank attended a keynote from Ali Mahlodji, founder of watchado, and mentioned this in a call with me. They help you to find your vocation by sharing stories about people and their careers. The stories are short videos that answer 7 questions. I tried their matching. Here’s my top result with 92% match: Just give it a try. Doesn’t need much time. Curious to see what… Weiterlesen »Watchado – What makes you happy?

Sports psychologist view on teamwork

This week I attended the EMEA launch of Microsoft Teams, a group chat in the Office 365 suite, Microsofts answer to Slack. The demos and workshops around the digital workplace have been nothing special . What made the event memorable was a keynote on teamwork from Hans-Dieter Hermann, the sports psychologist of the German national soccer team. He shared some stories on teamwork experienced by his work with sports teams and athletes.… Weiterlesen »Sports psychologist view on teamwork

#fastbreak – pirate on a tanker

Since a few weeks I attend a MOOC from MIT called „u.lab: Leading From the Emerging Future“. It is based on Theory U from Otto Scharmer. As part of this course I attend a weekly video call with people I never met in person, but I it feels like a little family already. Every 2 weeks there’s a coach clinic, where one case giver is presenting an actual challenge and… Weiterlesen »#fastbreak – pirate on a tanker