Special – Reflections on Wevent #32

Saturday and Sunday I visited Wevent #32 about #change. I decided to write up my reflections and continue the remote work series next week. There is plenty of learning and spark, so should be useful and inspiring for you as well. The Wevent tried to answer the following questions: How to bridge from the old work/business to new work/business? Does it even make sense to talk about old business and new… Weiterlesen »Special – Reflections on Wevent #32

Six co-workers in purple space

Red + blue = purple

In my first post about remote working I introduced the five ingredients for successful remote work. Today I cover the first one – the purple space. It is a concept invented by Line Jehle in her book Closeness at a Distance: Leading Virtual Groups to High Performance. You can also find a quick introduction in this article. The three elements of the purple space For me the purple space is one of… Weiterlesen »Red + blue = purple

New categories and publishing cadence

In my last post I indicated to change my categories. The basketball categories didn’t work for me and I assume readers didn’t get it either. The goals of my blog are still the same. I want to: Share learnings/experiences/ideas on business topics and get your feedback. Collect and comment interesting publications on the web From time to time share my travel experiences or interesting events In addition I want to establish… Weiterlesen »New categories and publishing cadence