Treasure 14 – Innovation, community, happiness

My favorite nugget this week is from Alex Osterwalder. His article illustrates how corporates kill innovation and what to do about it. Innovation is on my heart right now, and the article is a great inspiration to further improve innovation in my company: 11 Corporate Habits That Kill Your Company’s Innovation Engine (5 mins, text, English) Nugget #2 is a quick read provided by Lisette Sutherland, who I featured already earlier.… Weiterlesen »Treasure 14 – Innovation, community, happiness

Treasure #5 – #remotework, #startup, #ohnetwitter

Friday – Time for some nuggets. I always try to generate a diverse collection. Some of the nuggets might be golden for you and others trash. Would love to hear your feedback on what is valuable to you and what not. Nugget #1 is an article about remote work. Liz Ryan hits the nail on the head, that fear of managers prevents us from doing more remote work and enjoy… Weiterlesen »Treasure #5 – #remotework, #startup, #ohnetwitter

Watchado – What makes you happy?

I came across watchado last week. Werner from Mutbank attended a keynote from Ali Mahlodji, founder of watchado, and mentioned this in a call with me. They help you to find your vocation by sharing stories about people and their careers. The stories are short videos that answer 7 questions. I tried their matching. Here’s my top result with 92% match: Just give it a try. Doesn’t need much time. Curious to see what… Weiterlesen »Watchado – What makes you happy?