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Digital communication – staff of life

Have you seen the first heartbeats of your remote team?  This week I’ll talk about the „staff of life“ for your remote team: communication. In the remote world we need to leverage digital media to make it as close as possible to a co-located team. This post can’t give you a comprehensive list of communication tools. I’ll share some experiences with tools I use. Like with food you need to figure out what… Weiterlesen »Digital communication – staff of life

Treasure #5 – #remotework, #startup, #ohnetwitter

Friday – Time for some nuggets. I always try to generate a diverse collection. Some of the nuggets might be golden for you and others trash. Would love to hear your feedback on what is valuable to you and what not. Nugget #1 is an article about remote work. Liz Ryan hits the nail on the head, that fear of managers prevents us from doing more remote work and enjoy… Weiterlesen »Treasure #5 – #remotework, #startup, #ohnetwitter

Heartbeat – Get your remote team alive

After the Special on Wevent #32 we are back to my seven part series about remote work. In case you missed the first two posts and want to read the full story, feel free to go back to part one about benefits of remote working and part two about purple space. Do you have your purple space framed and established? Today you’ll learn how to get and keep it alive. Life needs… Weiterlesen »Heartbeat – Get your remote team alive

Six co-workers in purple space

Red + blue = purple

In my first post about remote working I introduced the five ingredients for successful remote work. Today I cover the first one – the purple space. It is a concept invented by Line Jehle in her book Closeness at a Distance: Leading Virtual Groups to High Performance. You can also find a quick introduction in this article. The three elements of the purple space For me the purple space is one of… Weiterlesen »Red + blue = purple