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Digital communication – staff of life

Have you seen the first heartbeats of your remote team?  This week I’ll talk about the „staff of life“ for your remote team: communication. In the remote world we need to leverage digital media to make it as close as possible to a co-located team. This post can’t give you a comprehensive list of communication tools. I’ll share some experiences with tools I use. Like with food you need to figure out what… Weiterlesen »Digital communication – staff of life

Treasure #5 – #remotework, #startup, #ohnetwitter

Friday – Time for some nuggets. I always try to generate a diverse collection. Some of the nuggets might be golden for you and others trash. Would love to hear your feedback on what is valuable to you and what not. Nugget #1 is an article about remote work. Liz Ryan hits the nail on the head, that fear of managers prevents us from doing more remote work and enjoy… Weiterlesen »Treasure #5 – #remotework, #startup, #ohnetwitter

Six co-workers in purple space

Red + blue = purple

In my first post about remote working I introduced the five ingredients for successful remote work. Today I cover the first one – the purple space. It is a concept invented by Line Jehle in her book Closeness at a Distance: Leading Virtual Groups to High Performance. You can also find a quick introduction in this article. The three elements of the purple space For me the purple space is one of… Weiterlesen »Red + blue = purple