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Ready for takeoff? Apply the „remote five“

In the past six weeks I wrote about the benefits of remote working and introduced five elements to make it work. In case you missed them, here are all the posts in a chronological order: What has remote working to do with ski touring? Red + blue = purple Heartbeat – Get your remote team alive Digital communication – staff of life Secret rules – What’s below the tip of… Weiterlesen »Ready for takeoff? Apply the „remote five“

Treasure #6 – #flow, #teamwork, #rebels

Treasuretime! Nugget #1 is a great talk by Henrik Kniberg about one of my favorite topics: flow. His presentation style and LEGO simulation of flow and cost of delay is awesome. Watch yourself (44 mins): Aktivieren Sie JavaScript um das Video zu sehen.Video-Link: Nugget #2 is about teamwork. Planet Wissen, a German TV documentation shows an experiment with a team of strangers in an escape room, a team of… Weiterlesen »Treasure #6 – #flow, #teamwork, #rebels

Heartbeat – Get your remote team alive

After the Special on Wevent #32 we are back to my seven part series about remote work. In case you missed the first two posts and want to read the full story, feel free to go back to part one about benefits of remote working and part two about purple space. Do you have your purple space framed and established? Today you’ll learn how to get and keep it alive. Life needs… Weiterlesen »Heartbeat – Get your remote team alive

Six co-workers in purple space

Red + blue = purple

In my first post about remote working I introduced the five ingredients for successful remote work. Today I cover the first one – the purple space. It is a concept invented by Line Jehle in her book Closeness at a Distance: Leading Virtual Groups to High Performance. You can also find a quick introduction in this article. The three elements of the purple space For me the purple space is one of… Weiterlesen »Red + blue = purple