Treasure #6 – #flow, #teamwork, #rebels

Treasuretime! Nugget #1 is a great talk by Henrik Kniberg about one of my favorite topics: flow. His presentation style and LEGO simulation of flow and cost of delay is awesome. Watch yourself (44 mins): Aktivieren Sie JavaScript um das Video zu sehen.Video-Link: Nugget #2 is about teamwork. Planet Wissen, a German TV documentation shows an experiment with a team of strangers in an escape room, a team of… Weiterlesen »Treasure #6 – #flow, #teamwork, #rebels

Treasure #3 – #change, #teamperformance, #globalism

Friday! Time for my next treasure to give you some food for the weekend. My personal highlight this week and therefore nugget #1 is an article (German) from Harald Schirmer. Sorry for my non-German readers, but this is worth sharing. He titles the article „#NewWork meets reality – an experience report“. I hope people are not scared by this title. For me Harald wrote the playbook for corporate change. Here you… Weiterlesen »Treasure #3 – #change, #teamperformance, #globalism

Sports psychologist view on teamwork

This week I attended the EMEA launch of Microsoft Teams, a group chat in the Office 365 suite, Microsofts answer to Slack. The demos and workshops around the digital workplace have been nothing special . What made the event memorable was a keynote on teamwork from Hans-Dieter Hermann, the sports psychologist of the German national soccer team. He shared some stories on teamwork experienced by his work with sports teams and athletes.… Weiterlesen »Sports psychologist view on teamwork