Treasure 28 – Rebels, change, performance management

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Happy New Year everybody! After couple days of digital detox it is time for a new treasure and to start the new blogging year. Without further ado let’s jump into this week’s nuggets. Nugget #1 is a quickie from Marcus Raitner, a pirate at BMW. He elaborates on how to treat corporate rebels. I came across Tanmay Vora’s sketchnote last year already. I have it as a poster in my cubicle.… Weiterlesen »Treasure 28 – Rebels, change, performance management

Treasure 24 – Blogging out loud

In my post Alexa, how do I lead my team? earlier this week I mentioned the start of our !me blogging community, called blogging out loud. In this week’s treasure I want to feature the blogs of three members. Bad news for my English readers, all are written in German. Where’s bad news there’s also good news. I got a special nugget for you: DeepL translator It is from a startup based… Weiterlesen »Treasure 24 – Blogging out loud

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Alexa, how do I lead my team?

Last weekend I joined a Wevent in Berlin. Wevents are network meetings and „un-conferences“ of the network. If you want to learn more about Wevents, have a look here. In this post I want to quickly summarize my impressions and share my learnings. Every Wevent has its own flair and is a little special. This Wevent was the biggest Wevent ever and had two special tracks with prepared sessions… Weiterlesen »Alexa, how do I lead my team?


NewWork – Lipstick on a pig?

In last week’s treasure I shared Tom’s article about happiness. Tom mentions unlimited vacations and other perks that just mask work that sucks. When thinking further about it, I noticed that many NewWork topics can be lipstick on a pig. This is an English phrase for dressing something up. Today I would like to highlight three „hot“ NewWork topics  and challenge if they really help you improve value creation or… Weiterlesen »NewWork – Lipstick on a pig?