Treasure 30 – Learning, conflict, entrepreneurship

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Nugget #1 this week comes from Inga Hoeltmann. She shares two insights from a learning journey. The first one is the desire to look into economic changes and other companies. Unfortunately many employees are heads down in their daily business and don’t take much time for learning (except some training from the standard course catalog). The second insight is much more delicate. In order to learn you need to go outside your… Weiterlesen »Treasure 30 – Learning, conflict, entrepreneurship

Treasure 29 – All about innovation

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Howdy folks! Today I’ll host our 1Q18 innovation day, so that’s a good reason to load the treasure with three nuggets on innovation. Nugget #1 has been authored by Reto Hofstetter et al. and published on HBR. The team researched crowdsourcing contests and compared the winner-takes-all approach with a multiple-prize approach. They found out that teams who didn’t win, didn’t participate in subsequent contents, showed lower effort or generated fewer ideas. I… Weiterlesen »Treasure 29 – All about innovation


My summary from #dreiCday

You might have missed my Monday „compass“ yesterday. Jetlag killed me on Sunday night, so this week I publish on Tuesday. I hope it was worth the wait. You’ll get a summary of the „CREATIVE COLLABORATION CULTURE DAY“ at Karlshochschule Karlsruhe, a non-profit conference organized by Christoph Thomas. The conference was a mix of presentations and open space. Digital Workplace unboxed Michael Koehr from Comunardo started the day with a… Weiterlesen »My summary from #dreiCday

Treasure #3 – #change, #teamperformance, #globalism

Friday! Time for my next treasure to give you some food for the weekend. My personal highlight this week and therefore nugget #1 is an article (German) from Harald Schirmer. Sorry for my non-German readers, but this is worth sharing. He titles the article „#NewWork meets reality – an experience report“. I hope people are not scared by this title. For me Harald wrote the playbook for corporate change. Here you… Weiterlesen »Treasure #3 – #change, #teamperformance, #globalism