Treasure 21 – All about creativity and innovation

Nugget #1 is a collection of corporate innovation approaches by t3n magazine. They briefly describe the different formats from accelerators to startup scouting. It is a good starting point to understand the different ways how companies try to get their handle on innovation. In the next 2 nuggets I’ll feature two examples from German corporates. Corporate Innovation programs (6 mins, German, text) Nugget #2 is my highlight this week. GamePlan A by… Weiterlesen »Treasure 21 – All about creativity and innovation


My summary from #dreiCday

You might have missed my Monday „compass“ yesterday. Jetlag killed me on Sunday night, so this week I publish on Tuesday. I hope it was worth the wait. You’ll get a summary of the „CREATIVE COLLABORATION CULTURE DAY“ at Karlshochschule Karlsruhe, a non-profit conference organized by Christoph Thomas. The conference was a mix of presentations and open space. Digital Workplace unboxed Michael Koehr from Comunardo started the day with a… Weiterlesen »My summary from #dreiCday

Treasure 7 – #digitaltransformation, #drone, #audio

Nugget #1 this week is a podcast. Ingo Stoll produces #MoTcast, the official Masters of Transformation Podcast. It is all about digital transformation, from digital leadership to business. This podcast was started as German podcast, but recently also features English episodes. My favorite episode „Climbing down the rabbit hole“ features Nolan Bushnell. A great talk about education, future, learning and gaming: Nugget #2 is for the drone enthusiasts among my… Weiterlesen »Treasure 7 – #digitaltransformation, #drone, #audio

Treasure #1 – All about change & finding ideas

Here we go with my first treasure. If you don’t know what the category treasure means, you can find an explanation in the post New categories and publishing cadence. Since change had been the topic on this blog for the past 3 weeks, the first item is a collection of blog posts about change. Many of them are in German, but you’ll also find a few in English (search the page… Weiterlesen »Treasure #1 – All about change & finding ideas