Schatzkiste 115 – Remote work, Meetings, Kommunikation

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Wie arbeitet man angestellt und ortsunabhängig? Wie funktionieren asynchrone Meetings? Welche Kommunikationskanäle nutzt man für was? Diese Schatzkiste beschäftigt sich mit dem Thema Menschen im Unternehmen und deren Zusammenarbeit.

Treasure 31 – Company rebuilding, Management

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The treasure this week is largely about company rebuilding. I guess this is what company pirates are up for!? Nugget #1 is a long read from Marc Wagner. He starts with the question, why corporates or traditional companies are loosing against startups. Other than in the past, big isn’t necessarily beautiful anymore. Focus on efficiency and bureaucratic organizations have led to a huge loss in agility. But these companies still have… Weiterlesen »Treasure 31 – Company rebuilding, Management

Treasure 17 – Remote work, team work

Welcome back pirates and pirate fans. I’m still suffering from a sore throat, so writing is the perfect activity to recover. This treasure is focusing on team work – non-remote and remote. These three nuggets from my treasure hunt fit very well together. I hope you forgive me for a text-only treasure 🙂 Nugget #1 is an answer to all skeptics of remote work. If the benefits I listed in What has… Weiterlesen »Treasure 17 – Remote work, team work

Five - by Takahiro Sakamoto on Unsplash

Ready for takeoff? Apply the „remote five“

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In the past six weeks I wrote about the benefits of remote working and introduced five elements to make it work. In case you missed them, here are all the posts in a chronological order: What has remote working to do with ski touring? Red + blue = purple Heartbeat – Get your remote team alive Digital communication – staff of life Secret rules – What’s below the tip of… Weiterlesen »Ready for takeoff? Apply the „remote five“