Treasure 24 – Blogging out loud

In my post Alexa, how do I lead my team? earlier this week I mentioned the start of our !me blogging community, called blogging out loud. In this week’s treasure I want to feature the blogs of three members. Bad news for my English readers, all are written in German. Where’s bad news there’s also good news. I got a special nugget for you: DeepL translator It is from a startup based… Weiterlesen »Treasure 24 – Blogging out loud

Treasure 23 – Change, Marketing, Performance

Nugget #1 this week is a double feature and comes from They published two great articles on change earlier this year. German car manufacturer Audi decided to translate it and provided an English audio recording. So a great opportunity for my English speaking readers to learn why classical change management falls short and how to do it more successfully. By the way, I also wrote some posts for the… Weiterlesen »Treasure 23 – Change, Marketing, Performance

Treasure 20 – Remote work, change, innovation

I spotted nugget #1 at #dreiCday. It’s a video from Microsoft, which shows their vision of the digital workplace (if you can still call it a workplace). They show a digital nomad lifestyle, remote co-working and a high-end vision of digital collaboration. Pretty impressive! (7 mins, English, video) Aktivieren Sie JavaScript um das Video zu sehen.Video-Link: Nugget #2 comes from Claudia Mayer. Her article is about corporate change. I see… Weiterlesen »Treasure 20 – Remote work, change, innovation

Treasure #4 – Our world in #data, #newwork

This week has been running fast, so time for the weekly treasure. Nugget #1 is a publication that shows how the world has changed by many charts and maps. One example is technological progress, starting with Moore’s law. But there’s also plenty of about health, population and more. You’ll notice that the world has changed positively. Many people have a different perception these days: Nugget #2 is for my… Weiterlesen »Treasure #4 – Our world in #data, #newwork