Treasure #1 – All about change & finding ideas

Here we go with my first treasure. If you don’t know what the category treasure means, you can find an explanation in the post New categories and publishing cadence. Since change had been the topic on this blog for the past 3 weeks, the first item is a collection of blog posts about change. Many of them are in German, but you’ll also find a few in English (search the page… Weiterlesen »Treasure #1 – All about change & finding ideas

New categories and publishing cadence

In my last post I indicated to change my categories. The basketball categories didn’t work for me and I assume readers didn’t get it either. The goals of my blog are still the same. I want to: Share learnings/experiences/ideas on business topics and get your feedback. Collect and comment interesting publications on the web From time to time share my travel experiences or interesting events In addition I want to establish… Weiterlesen »New categories and publishing cadence