Treasure 9 – #digital, #automation, #value

This week I drove some miles, so had time to hear some nice podcasts. My nugget #1 is a cast from Bastian Wilkat’s podcast „Der Flaneur“ (Flaneur is somebody who strolls). Episode 28 is about digital introvertness and how to become more digitally extrovert. I became more digital extrovert over the past few months and it has proven some clear benefits for me. So I can fully subscribe to this cast: e28-digitale-introvertiertheit-mit-frank-eilers (1 hour,… Weiterlesen »Treasure 9 – #digital, #automation, #value

Five - by Takahiro Sakamoto on Unsplash

Ready for takeoff? Apply the „remote five“

In the past six weeks I wrote about the benefits of remote working and introduced five elements to make it work. In case you missed them, here are all the posts in a chronological order: What has remote working to do with ski touring? Red + blue = purple Heartbeat – Get your remote team alive Digital communication – staff of life Secret rules – What’s below the tip of… Weiterlesen »Ready for takeoff? Apply the „remote five“

Treasure 8 – #courage, #innovation, #vision

TGIF! Not because I had a bad week. In fact I had an exciting week with hosting the first Innovation Spark event at Texas Instruments Germany. TGIF because I can get you some new nuggets. Nugget #1 this week is an article from Tijen Onaran in the German Wirtschaftswoche. She describes why courage always pays off. Short article, to the point and 100% matches my attitude: Nugget #2 is a blog… Weiterlesen »Treasure 8 – #courage, #innovation, #vision


Feedback – the oil for your remote engine

Now that you have defined your purple space, the heartbeat is stabilizing, you have communication channels in place and you are aware of „secret rules“, the remote engine is running. In order to perform well and run flawless, it regularly needs some oil – Feedback. As you learned last week, a remote team most often consists of different cultures and each individual has a different way to get work done.… Weiterlesen »Feedback – the oil for your remote engine