Get Inspired by the Neighbors – Future of work

I’m overdue on day 9 of the challenge – Choose a post that piques my interest and build on it. Yesterday we had May 1st. In Germany and many other countries we celebrate labor day. Nadja Petranovskaja used the opportunity and blogged about the future of work: The post was very straight, open and honest. Nadja was upsaid about the inertness of Germans when it comes to the future of work. She adds that… Weiterlesen »Get Inspired by the Neighbors – Future of work

Who do I write for?

Here’s the second post of the blogging fundamentals course: Who’s my audience? Right now my arena is still empty, so hard to say who my guests will be. Here are the readers I have in mind. I hope this will be a growing list over time: Remote workers of any kind (digital nomads, virtual team members, …) Digital leaders, intrinsifiers and other new workers Basketball fans and readers of travel experiences Not in… Weiterlesen »Who do I write for?

Hello world (again)

Hi there, I recently had to re-activate my WordPress account for a guest blog I wrote at Mutbank. While doing this I stumbled across the blogging university and subscribed. So here we go with the first exercise of the university and I say hello world – again. There are three reasons why I would like to start blogging again: First and foremost I’d like to have a „diary“ to jot down learnings,… Weiterlesen »Hello world (again)